Build The Way 2.0

Build The Way is an architectural traineeship for young people who are passionate about architecture and design.

Architecture should not be defined by wealth or social class. Currently, a career in architecture largely relies on being able to afford university. The cost of becoming a fully qualified architect is eye-watering. These financial barriers prevent less fortunate students from studying architecture. If we truly strive to create an inclusive, diverse, and equal industry then each of these economic hurdles must be addressed. While there has been an increase in initiatives in the industry, there still aren’t many opportunities for young people to work in an architecture office.

After a successful pilot year in 2021, GPAD took on the first Build The Way intern who has developed the skills to produce 2D & 3D drawings, engage in design discussions, and work collaboratively as part of the design team. We hope to expand the programme to create more opportunities over the next 2 years with the hope of expanding to the wider built environment in future years.

Heading into 2023 we hope to expand the programme to offer three internship opportunities across different practices in London. We hope to share more information on this soon. If you are interested in getting involved, please email

Looking back at 2020

As this year like no other in recent memory draws to a close, we look back to twelve of the key moments that took place in the world of GPAD...


Crinan Street shortlisted for the AJ Retrofit Awards

We delighted that Crinan Street be shortlisted for the AJ Retrofit Awards in the Office under 2,000m2 category.


Charles Bettes promoted to Managing Director

We are delighted to announce that GPAD's Charles Bettes has been promoted to Managing Director.


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