An energetic and thoughtful architecture practice, crafting buildings with a sense of place and purpose.

Who we are.

We’re personable, practical, and passionate. We like to make things easy for our clients; establishing strong relationships and crafting considered spaces.

What we do.

We focus on workplace and housing at a range of scales. Our work recognises its contribution to placemaking and the environment. With much of our work being retrofit, we enjoy understanding the character of a place and building and celebrating this through reuse.

Our Guiding Principles.

A people practice.

We put people first.

We’re positive in our outlook and have a collective approach to working with clients, stakeholders and within our own team.

We see ourselves as the stewards of an idea, behaving without ego to create the right outcome for the end users who remain at the heart of our schemes.

We make places with wellness and communities in mind; homes & workspace for local people and businesses.

Responsive, conscious.

Paving the way for a resilient future.

We’re dedicated to creating buildings that consider the climate and biodiversity, that focus on people’s wellness to promote an inclusive healthy and stimulating environment.

We have a history of repurposing buildings and celebrating their character through reuse. Whether retrofit or new build, we interrogate our designs to minimise carbon and ensure the building is well designed and flexible and can be maintained or repurposed easily over time.

GPAD believes in improving fair access into our profession. We have created Build The Way C.I.C, a charity organisation offering paid traineeships.

Committed to craft.

We’re makers at heart.

As design enthusiasts we’re excited about the quality of space, the materiality, the object itself – we care about good architecture and that powers our process.

We value the hands-on approach to creating, our ideas are carefully fine tuned on paper and through models, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered before being realised successfully in the real world.

Our focus is built around hard work to deliver good quality places that stand the test of time.

Places with purpose.

Context is key.

At GPAD we believe that good architecture should embody a vision that is deeply rooted in local character and environment.

We take the time to understand the unique set of circumstances, factors and conditions of somewhere to draw inspiration from surrounding natural and cultural elements to create places that resonate.

Talking the right language.

Thinking creatively to maximise value.

We listen well and respond thoughtfully to client’s needs – thoroughly understanding the brief, delving into aspirations and exploring constraints.

Being commercially savvy ensures we’ll add value through a considered response to making places and buildings that work – for all.

We’re strategic and efficient with a love of problem solving.

Energetic and engaged.

We’re ready for anything.

Our dynamism, experience and ‘can do’ attitude fires us up for the day ahead. We like to get things done and drive projects forward.

Our reputation is maintained by ensuring accessibility to our team and leadership in each project.

Our track record is cemented through ideas and processes that are dependable, results driven and fit for purpose.

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