01 St Pauls Square

Atrium and public avenue in a seven-storey office building undergo a complete overhaul with a refurbished entrance canopy and biophilic reception space.


01 St Pauls Square, L3


120,000sqft (Whole building)




Valeo Capital


Complete 2023

Located in Liverpool’s commercial district, GPAD has upgraded and refurbished 1 St. Paul’s Square’s ground floor atrium, reception, and entrances. The lobby space has been completely transformed to create a more enjoyable and biophilic arrival experience - a concept that is a result of the natural light that fills the full-height atrium. Living green walls and planting around the lobby area add colour and a sense of well-being.


The previous atrium furniture was never used by tenants and the client wanted to address the outdated finishes and bring activity to enliven the space. Due to the large footfall through the ground floor 'avenue', there was an opportunity to create a space for social interaction with meeting booths and soft furnishing.

The front-of-house and cycle store underwent a complete overhaul, bringing all the amenities to a higher standard along with a new reception desk and wayfinding. The refurbishment also included the common area lobbies both front of house and back of house on the upper floors as well as washrooms on the upper floors.

The cycle store is placed next to the Old Hall Street entrance and has a close relationship with the front-of-house experience. Fit with 75 cycle spaces (including an accessible space), a bike repair station, shower and washroom facilities, lockers and a drinks station, the sleek design is a stark contrast to the refined commercial lobby visible from within.

The new entrance canopy along Old Hall Street brightens and improves the building's legibility and sits next to the new bold cycle store.

The new passsageway design improves the experience through the building, with areas to stop, interact and connect.

“Usually one would think of a cycle store as a BoH criterion, buried somewhere in the basement or accessed via a secondary service lane. We designed the cycle store to be a main feature that's visible from the main entrance lobby and an unexpected and fun interlude in the cyclist's experience. I feel we really tested our luck with the signage but delighted to see it was installed.”

Marcin Chmura, GPAD
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