Chiswell Street

10 Chiswell Street, situated on the fringe of the City of London, is an eight-storey office building within which GPAD has been tasked with rethinking the current reception area and entrance in order to rationalise the space and provide a more visually striking welcome.

Working closely with the client we undertook an extensive design process to create something that both met the client’s needs and also presented a distinctive design befitting the space.

At present, the entrance to the building is dark and lost amongst the existing façade, with a glass canopy that has a tendency to collect dirt. Our response has been to propose a solid lightbox canopy, allowing the entrance to be clearly identifiable from the street whilst complementing the existing elevation. The lightbox also has the benefits of being easy to maintain and brightening the entrance to the building.

Internally, the existing reception space has a convoluted amount of volumes and ceiling heights, and the material palette feels cold and uninviting, presenting a functional rather than a visually appealing space. We began by looking at rationalising the ceiling heights, creating a more consistent level and simplifying the volume of the space. The introduction of a bespoke feature ceiling provides the feeling of greater volume, whilst also breaking down the long volume leading from the entrance doors. Incorporating a crittall window and black oiled steel, the ceiling design also reflects the rich industrial heritage of the area, whilst the warm concrete floor and oak act to provide a refined palette that is warm whilst professional. Two living walls have also been designed into the space, providing a key aesthetic touch, and a welcome space for users with wellbeing and health benefits.

The resulting design provides a balance between form and function, complementing usability with bright aesthetic interventions, and keeping the aspects of the reception which were already working, including the reception desk and its placement, and improving the areas which were failing, such as the canopy, toilet entrance and ceiling.

Project Name: Chiswell Street
Project Address: 10 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4XY
Client: RLMIC (Royal London Mutual Insurance Company)
Size: 1,507 sqft
Contract Value: £300k
Status: In Progress