Dalston Lane

The project at Dalston Lane, in Hackney, has regenerated a backland site into a design led mixed use development that replaces the existing commercial space with some small high quality units aimed at creative businesses, and creates 15 new homes all centered around a new street designed to promote community.

Set back off the main road, the site gains access through the undercroft from Dalston Lane and creates an active streetscape with the creative businesses located at ground floor and private terraces overlooking the street above. The street includes space for children’s play, plenty of planting and relaxation; encouraging growth, biodiversity, and social sustainability in the new community.

With the internal street acting as an anchor to the site, the design establishes a strong visual and physical connection between all units and the streetscape. It pulls in space for the homes and commercial units, to connect, create and play, and cultivates the balance and opportunity for live and work spaces.

Locally sourced materials ensure a sustainable and context driven design. As a predominately brick building, part finished with zinc in the upper storey, the materials and building shape help site the building within its context, creating an architectural response with depth, texture, and personality. The new greenery spills over from the roof into the new street, promoting wellbeing and social connection.

Project Address: 160 Dalston Lane, London, E8 1NG
Borough: Hackney
Client: Belchak Corin & Co.
Size: 7,300 sqft commercial floorspace, 15 dwellings
Contract Value: £6m est
Stage: Planning

Both commercial and residential units have been designed to provide usable and efficient layouts, filled with natural light, that ensures all can view and enjoy the internal street, whilst benefiting from the comfort and intimacy of their own private spaces.

The creative commercial units activate the ground floor and offer opportunities for live work and provide a socially sustainable place.

“We always enjoy working with GPAD and feel that they bring good design, energy, and attitude to the team as well as a lot of experience of achieving planning approvals. Dalston Lane is high quality design and the relationships created with the Council through positive engagement has maximised the mass and value for the client.” – Maddox Planning

Although appearing architecturally complex in terms of the shape, the approach sites the building in its context whilst maximising the use within the site, and limiting overlooking whilst making a building that is interesting, attractive, and good to live and work in.

Dalston Lane has implemented low-carbon neutral material technologies to provide a sustainable solution to the site and will use landscaping to create high quality external spaces that increase biodiversity, help improve air quality and absorb harmful pollutants.