Furnace Hill & Neepsend

Collaborating closely with the planners and urban designers at Arup, GPAD have been working to shape the future of two new urban neighbourhoods in Sheffield.




Ongoing - RIBA Stage 2


Sheffield City Council & Homes England


1,300 Homes & 4,000sqft Employment/Community Space

As part of the Homes England Framework – we have worked collaboratively alongside the Sheffield City Council and Homes England to develop a masterplan for Furnace Hill and Neepsend within the former industrial heart of Sheffield.

Rooted in the special historical character of the area, this work included the development of detailed residential capacity studies. These studies informed the proposed business case for Homes England that led to successfully securing support for the development of the catalyst sites. The endeavour culminated in The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities announcing a substantial £67 million investment to catalyse the creation of the new communities.


The ambitious proposals to transform the area will support the development of over 1,300 new homes and complementary commercial and community space across the two neighbourhoods.

The overarching vision is to rejuvenate and transform these areas from peripheral locations into vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods connected through the special valley landscape. The heritage-led masterplan places the preservation of Grade II Listed Don Cutlery and Cornish Works at the forefront; celebrating the industrial history of the area to create characterful new places to live and work that are distinctly Sheffield.

A variety of accessible communal spaces are embedded around key historic and natural assets, with the iconic Cementation Furnace and improved access to the River Don at the core of the public realm proposals.

The masterplan creates two distinct urban neighbourhoods that retain and celebrate the city's industrial legacy providing characterful places to live and work with strengthened connections to the city centre, River Don and wider existing communities.

Furnace Hill: Urban living with heritage at its heart. A variety of residential typologies and shared amenity are set within reinstated historic streets with the last remaining Cementation Furnace taking pride of place within a new public square - Furnace Place.

Neespend: A new urban neighbourhood along the River Don, forged from its industrial heritage and celebrating its proximity to the River Don with a dynamic offering of public spaces, residential yards, an improved riverside walk and new public square - Artisan Place.

As part of our work, we developed a suite of innovative low energy residential typologies that could provide a variety of densities, mix, and tenure whilst still set within the retained intimate historic streets and celebrated heritage assets.

Proposals establish appropriate capacity, parameter heights, mix, and opportunities for commercial and community uses as well as a coherent landscape and public realm strategy that strengthens connections from the city centre through to surrounding communities.

“This funding will kickstart this transformation, paving the way for 1,300 new homes and 4,000 square metres of commercial space, and, ultimately, the creation of two new vibrant communities for the people of Sheffield to enjoy. ”

Peter Denton, Chief Executive of Homes England
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