Shoreditch Campus

GPAD undertook a feasibility study on behalf of the City of London Corporation looking at eleven of eighteen buildings comprising a tight urban block on the fringe of Islington, referred to as the Shoreditch Campus, where an assortment of different structures of varying quality and periods have created a complex townscape of buildings that typify the urban grain of the area.

The Corporation’s long-term aspiration is to consolidate as many of their assets as possible, create larger floorplates, and enhance the overall quality of the architecture, streetscape, and public and private space. Our thorough analysis of the site laid solid foundations for the Corporation to fully understand the building stock, and allow for the exploration of several options to unlock previously unappreciated opportunities and maximise the site’s potential, whilst also creating bold architectural responses to these sites.

The resulting study showed that by creatively combining existing buildings, there is the ability to generate large, uninterrupted floor plates of up to 12,000 ft2 with good ceiling heights, improved natural light, and rational, efficient cores. These combinations have allowed the Corporation to realise their goals, helping us to deliver value, curbing costs and reducing risks. Proposed ambitious new-build additions at roof level not only increase high-rental Grade A floor space and fantastic views and outdoor space, they create a strong, new architectural identity for the site.

A mix of current occupants and vacant possession dates meant that careful consideration had to be given to phasing. Several options were explored to allow the Corporation as much flexibility as possible to develop the site efficiently and economically over the years. Whilst the demolition of buildings was not precluded, GPAD managed to propose solutions that keep the existing structures and maximise floorplates with minimal disruption. This strategy keeps capital costs low, disturbance (and rent loss) to a minimum, programmes short, and reduces planning risk.

GPAD are committed to low energy architecture, and the intelligent re-use of existing buildings over demolition considerably reduces carbon emissions, embodied carbon costs, and helps conserve resources. Our proposals are an environmentally efficient solution for development of the site that fits with the Corporation’s ambition of maximising high-quality office space at low capital cost on a tight, complex urban site.

Project Name: Shoreditch Campus

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