Tileyard Road

Historically, Tileyard Road was home to pottery and ceramic works dating back to the 1340’s, but more recently the area is home to a corridor of activity growing around Music, Media and Film as well as more traditional industrial uses. The aspiration for the design was to provide an architecturally led scheme that references this past, and become an active part of this makers community. The scheme will provide good quality industrial space, and a building that can accommodate a variety of uses and ways of occupation for the future.

The proposal introduces a new build commercial building that is designed to reflect contemporary ways of working and aimed at positively referencing and contributing to the local area. The site boundary is set back; this allows the overall mass of the building to be split into parts to diminish the visual impact and create a sense of hierarchy of spaces. The small rectangle hosts the core and supporting services whilst the larger rectangle provides space for commercial and industrial use.

The entrance undercroft is raised to double height, implementing an industrial ground floor level, this creates a more active frontage with landscaping to create spaces where activity naturally happens. The commercial workspaces have been designed to be flexible and space-efficient, filled with natural light and with future-proofing in mind. The internal arrangement is designed to provide large floor to ceiling heights, high floor loafing’s and a core that can accommodate a variety of uses and ways of occupation.

The local area displays a variety of tough, industrial materials, including brick, zinc and aluminium. The façade is designed to tie into this industrial aesthetic, whilst being softened with ceramic tiles that reference the tiles that were previously produced in the area. These tiles provide natural colour and create breaks in the façade, as well as providing hierarchy, so that it can be read at a more human scale. Greening above the canopy is also proposed to soften the appearance of the building and mark the entrance.

Project Address: 20 Tileyard Road, N7 9AX
Borough: Islington
Client: Private
Size: 2,500sqm / 27,000sqft
Stage: Planning

The design maintains an industrial use at the lower levels to enable a range of vehicles to make deliveries whilst still encouraging an active, pedestrian friendly frontage that benefits the street.

The north, west and south façades have been designed to be as transparent as possible to maximise the daylight entering the floor plate. This is helped by a large external lightwell to the west.