Worship Street

Repurposing and extending an industrial warehouse building to enhance and retain the character.


89 – 89.5 Worship St, EC2A








Complete 2023

89 and 89.5 Worship Street is an amalgamation of three buildings to create a campus site with an overall increase in floor area through the modernisation of the basement and the creation of a new mezzanine floor. The design activates the warehouse space whilst engaging with its context to provide flexible, modern office space and reinvigorate this backland site.


The entrance is via a large Victorian wooden gate which has been restored and painted, paying homage to its previous use. The reception is separated from the office spaces via glazing partitions to maintain daylight provisions with Ketley tiles used to add colour and textural quality to the entrance space.

The creation of an internal courtyard drives quality and provides natural ventilation to purge the space with minimal M&E requirements. In conjunction with this space, voids have been cut into office floorplates to draw as much natural light in. At the rear of the building, a double-height space with a pitched roof underwent thermal upgrades with new trusses and roof lights installed to add a touch of colour.

There is an honest approach to this retrofit scheme, with materials being retained, exposed, and made good to allow the existing fabric to form part of the building's aesthetic. The texture is sustained with the exposed brickwork, contrasted with clean lines from the courtyard with sharp black steel-like façades.

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