Pixall Drive

Context driven contemporary family home that connects the family with the site’s natural environment and captures the beauty of its surroundings through its views out.

Project Address

Pixall Drive, Birmingham




9,000 sqft GIA



Situated in the Edgbaston Conservation Area, the development is driven by a sustainable design approach. The orientation of the building is designed to maximise the availability of light into spaces. The use of red Birmingham brick for the ground floor sites the property adding contrast to the natural green context, whilst vertical timber fins over the large glazing on the upper floors provide shading and privacy.


The proposal looks to develop an existing overgrown site surrounded by trees into a context driven contemporary house with associated landscaping. The project’s intention is all about designing a highly contemporary home that connects the family with the site’s natural environment and captures the beauty of it’s surrounding through internal views out.

By taming the existing garden and introducing layered landscaping, the family can enjoy a garden which offers refuge, with privacy maintained by the existing mature trees. The design implements solar shading strategies such as overhanging along the south façade and vertical louvers to the east and west. A palette of carefully selected materials and colours are used to add warmth, creating an intimate and calming environment.

The form and internal layouts create long framed views in a sequence, linking everyday movements through the house with the views of the garden with light permeating the property through contemporary roof lights.

The extending brick walls reach into the garden, creating smaller more intimate areas within the large space, as well as large areas of sliding glass give access to various parts of the garden, to create indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Next Project

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