Seven Dials Warehouse

A considered balance between raw industrial character, original refurbished features, and high quality, contemporary workspaces.

Project Address

42 Earlham Street, WC2H


CBRE Global Investors


45,000 sqft




Winner of 2018 International Property Award for Best Office Development UK

Seven Dials Warehouse saw the sensitive refurbishment of a Grade II listed building in the heart of the Seven Dials Conservation Area. After a historic building analysis, taken by Donald Insall Architects, there were three key areas identified on which the design was focused on; the external elevations, the lower interior floors, and the third floor and above.


Both internally and externally we sought to bring the original brickwork back to life. The brick facade was restored after having been painted over in black and internally, the brick barrel vaults at ground level were deemed to be of significance therefore a brick appraisal was developed for their restoration. We looked to enhance the areas of the building that had been subject to the 2001 renovations which were seen to detract from the original building. This included a new secondary staircase that flowed throughout the building and created efficient use of space, as well as providing a statement architectural element.

Alongside the heritage elements, we were keen to ensure that the building functioned effectively for its occupants. The resulting design incorporated as much light where possible, increased the toilet provision and improved cycle facilities. The approach to our design was to create a contemporary palette and utilise clean lines, raw materials, and simple detailing, that complemented the original elements of the building.

A new roof terrace on the sixth floor, with 360 degree panoramic views of London, caps the creation of a high-quality office building in the West End.

Next Project

130 Old Street



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