White Lion Street

White Lion Street is a new eight storey office building in the heart of Angel, Islington. The design has a refined exposed aesthetic and introduces a contemporary identity through materiality and an open floor plate design, creating much needed workspace in the area.

The façade has been carefully considered with brick, stone, zinc, and anodized windows to provide an elegant and robust quality, adding depth and texture. Internally, the design draws on the history of the building which previously accommodated textile weavers. The industrial aesthetic has been refined through patterned metal panelling, which is a reoccurring detail throughout the building.

The design draws on the history of the building, which used to accommodate weavers/drapers. In the reception and lift lobbies the walls are clad in laser cut metal panels with a pattern alluding to the historical use of the site, which runs along the entrance. Wash rooms are provided to every floor and the same design motifs recur to give a sense of coherency.

The basement offers a large unique space which could have potential for a community/creative space with double height, exposed concrete soffits and light wells drawing in natural light. The structure throughout has been rationalised to reduce the number of columns on the open floor plate to provide a large flexible space. All beams are flush with the soffit to maximise floor to ceiling heights. Large spanning high-quality pre-cast concrete planks are utilised to provide both the structure and finished product, which add to the buildings refined industrial aesthetic.

Project Name: White Lion Street
Project Address: 10-14 White Lion Street, N1 9PD
Client: Maurice Investments
Size: 70,000 sqft
Status: Complete 2022
Photography: Tim Crocker

Rainwater attenuation is used in the form of a Blue Roof technology, in which water is retained at roof level and drains at a slower rate, and will be used in conjunction with a green roof. Photo Voltaic Panels are provided at roof level to lower the building’s carbon footprint and provide a secondary energy source. A UKPN substation is located on site and the building has provision for future network heating expansion.

“The exposed steel frame is shallow in depth yet comprises a generous 11 x 8m column grid, which has been designed with a high degree of efficiency to give a tonnage of less than 60kg/sqm. This has resulted in a reduction in construction cost compared to an equivalent building with a standard structure. The steel frame has slim precast concrete floors carefully detailed to achieve flat soffits with a future-proof service zone and exposed services throughout. Another benefit of the low steel tonnage is a reduced upfront carbon. ” Duncan Walters, Director Eckersley O’Callaghan

The intention of this scheme was to create office spaces that benefit from ample light, space and flexibility to welcome a variety of tenants. The building offers a large inviting entrance along White Lion Street but also offers a more intimate entrance via Angel Mews at the rear.