Wittering House

A contemporary infill house on an end-of-terrace plot that seeks to maximise space and volume through the layering of daylight, rooms and materiality.

Project Address

Adolphus Road, N4




829 sqft



In just 10 months, a six-by-seven metre former garage site in North London was transformed into a cosy two-bedroom home. Previously overlooked for its size, Wittering House enabled the client to reside in a sought-after part of London, whilst still giving scope to live comfortably and elegantly.


The brief for the project was to create a building sympathetic to its location and individual in its identity, and to create a relaxing and calming space that feels peaceful and stripped back. Externally, brick offered a robust solution at street level, which was complemented by the brass cladding of the first floor. Internally, having a coherent material language flowing between the home’s spaces magnified the modest home’s spaciousness.

The space of internal areas is maximised by keeping partition walls and circulation to a minimum, and allowing enough light and air to enter the house so that it feels large and open. The outcome is a series of internal areas which, despite their size, feel spacious, successfully illustrating that with a thoughtful, well-considered approach to a site, good quality living spaces can be produced from not a lot of space.

Interior materials were chosen for their subtlety, human scale, and low maintenance. These included white-washed oak, grey brick, and a light, joint-free resin floor at ground level that helps to reflect natural light, create a flow between rooms, and give the illusion of a bigger home.

Winner of the London Evening Standard New Homes Award for Best London Home and Grand Prix categories. Shortlisted for AJ Small Projects Award, British Homes Award in the Small House of the Year category, and New London Award in Homes category

While the site is tiny and the house is not large, the innovative layout along with the layering of spaces ensures the interior areas feel spacious. The floor plans above and to the right illustrate the ground floor and first floor respectively.

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